Roland Juno-x – is it vintage?

It does look like an original Juno-106, but it is not the same – far from that.

This three-in-one synth contains the vintage JUNO-60 and JUNO-106 engines from the legendary JUNO lineup plus the modern JUNO-X sound engine. Combine and layer up to four parts and bring the warm vintage sounds of the ‘80s into the future. Enhance your performance with three additional Roland classics – XV-5080, RD-Piano, and Vocoder. From the built-in chorus to the forward-thinking I-Arpeggio, JUNO-X combines classic effects with modern musical muscle for an unmatched JUNO experience. Not only is JUNO-X packed with unrivaled sounds, but it also features a familiar panel with responsive controls and a full-sized keyboard for immersive performance. Plus, you can tweak tones, build scenes, and swap parameters easily using the free JUNO-X Editor for Windows and Mac OS available on Roland Cloud. Expected price around € 2000

Below the image you find a demo video of the Juno-X and to make sure to spot the differences, we’ve also included a video on the original Juno-106 below.