Saturday, February 24th, 2024, the Schallwelle Elections for 2024 will be presented. A full day of concerts, electronic music, meet & greet and of course the famous Schallwelle Awards presentation.

Concerts by: Hyrn, Joerg Dankert and Detlef Keller.

You can now fill out the Election Forms for Newcomers, International, National, Album National, Album International and Live-time achievements. Go to this Voting Page.

The Schallwelle is the German prize for musicians and those active in the field of electronic music. It honors the achievements of these people, both from the perspective of an experienced jury and the listeners and lovers of this musical style. As part of a festive awards ceremony, Schallwende e. V., together with labels, media representatives and event partners, award the annual prize in several categories for the previous year.