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Sequences is devoted to many aspects of electronic sounds, but don’t think our world is on the more commercial side, techno, hip hop, house, dance, synthpop, etc, you will definitely not hear, No! we are fans/musicians whose love of electronics takes us into another world where the music takes the boundaries of electronics to new heights & creative musical explorations. We are talking cosmic, experimental, synth-rock, space rock, cinematic, neo-classical, ambient, and more which never gets enough airplay or mainstream media attention it deserves.

Sequences Podcast #216

Mick Garlick forwarded: …. I hope you all enjoyed our 80’s UK edition, with many hours of research going into…

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Mick says: “Sequences was established 1991, although myself & our editorial team has had a wealth of experience in the field of electronics for the past 55 years, involved with live concerts, record labels, magazines, etc, from the early experimental sounds of Karl Heinz Stockhausen, Berio, John Cage, the German Scene in the ’70s with Tangerine Dream, Ashra, Klaus Schulze, Robert Schroeder, through to the modern days of genre’s I have mentioned. The first 13 issues of this magazine were on the tape format.  No 14 to last issue no 32, came as printed A4 magazines, professional layout with many photos and a compilation CD, much of the music being unreleased and exclusive to Sequences. At the beginning of 2012, we started podcasting on iTunes and gradually increase to 9 other web-based music sites including, Soundcloud, Player FM, Listennotes, German radio show Modul 303, Amazon Music etc, two editions each month, approx 3 hours per episode. We are always on the lookout to find new artist/bands to preview on our shows, with listeners all around the world.   If you are a musician or label interested in having some of your music featured on our podcasts and to a global audience of over 120 countries, do get in touch.”

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