Sequences started off as a magazine on Electronic Music, many years ago, in the UK, by Mick Garlick and his team (currently Mike and Andy). Although Mick moved to the other side of the globe, he still runs his Sequences activities, these days mostly as a podcast and more. We do have some old (vintage?) Sequences magazines and we will upload some of the articles during the next couple of weeks.

Recently, the #204th edition of the Podcast became available. Mick Garlick writes: “It’s certainly starting off this new year with a host of new releases, already filling this latest one & our forthcoming Feb edition, featuring some of our well-known musicians with their new albums, including those whose music has spanned over many decades including Airsculpture, Andy Pickford, Erik Wollo, Ian Boddy & Sam Rosenthal. It was great to see one of the old school, Peter Beasley back with a new album who has been fighting Parkinson’s disease since 2002. We welcome three newcomers to Sequences, Sarah Davachi with an ambient drone on an epic scale, ethereal & expansive. The slow melody & harmonies of Chrys Bodcast space journey, & the band Bodhiheart, 4 highly respected musicians who have performed & recorded with some of the greats in various genres.The opening track from Airsculpture, a lockdown recording with the original concept, was to lead on it being a Halloween broadcast, with lots of spooky darkness. In the end little of this survived and it ended up touching all kinds of musical bases. Definitely our sound, but also something a bit different.

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