Sequences Electronic Music Podcast – 213

Mick Dundee Garlick, and his team, is very productive. Today I found out another new Sequences Podcast is available.

Mick writes: “This will be the only edition this month due to other projects, but we’ve extended it to a four-hour session. We have a few different instruments not usually part of electronic music in our genre. Firstly, Luke Schneider represents a radical new approach to the versatile sounds of the steel guitar. This is something new under the sun, a total reinvention of an iconic instrument. The three-piece band SUSS go under the architects of ambient country (pure country music I’m not a fan of), with their unique combination of classic Americana instrumentation: pedal steel, National guitar harmonica, mandolin baritone guitar and harmonium interwoven with loops and synthesizers, and the unearthly tones of Harry Bertoia sound sculptures, a cluster of thin metal rods, dozens of them with small weights on top, create sustained tones, long decays for deep listening and shimmering harmonics. Bertoia coined the term “sonambient” to describe them. I must mention a good friend of mine, Mario Schonwalder, who runs Manikin Records, celebrating its 30th year with a CD titled Third Decade 2012 to 2022, unreleased recordings from musicians who have released albums in that period on the label.”

Following the Sequences Podcasts is almost as much fun as reading the retro Sequences magazines: you’ll be introduced with great (new and old) Electronic Music. Go and listen now.