Our team member Andy is on the road to recovery after suffering a stroke and spending 91 days in the hospital, hopefully, we will be getting our website updated with the bio’s for no 207 to our latest 2014.

A few more new names appeared for the first time. Brooklyn-based composer and producer Rachika Nayar finds the protean guitarist and producer expanding on the ghostly netherworlds of her debut with vivid fluorescent cinematic maximalism. Two new releases of dark experimental ambient drone music on the Russian label Zhelezobeton. Using analogue synths & field recordings, Field Lines Cartographer often creates dark, occasionally bucolic soundscapes. Joseph L Young’s fifty-five-minute excursion into a sonic landscape shifts under the listener’s feet with twists and turns. Cass Anawaty & Brian Fechino presents a collection of four pieces that range from pensive and reflective ambient meditations using mainly guitars, & Psycho & Plastic’s latest single lingers in the memory once it’s passed, the merging of delicateness found within the piano and the mournful tones elevate the single in a delightfully unexpected way.

After a friend recently mentioned some news about the ‘Future World Orchestra’ we came across in our collection the 2000 CD ‘Hidden Files’ on the Groove label, a melodic uptempo album touching on instrumental prog rock, making it the opening tracks under our ‘Blast from the Past’.

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