Sequences Podcast #216

Mick Garlick forwarded: …. I hope you all enjoyed our 80’s UK edition, with many hours of research going into tracing back musicians in that decade and trying to gather information from those who suddenly stopped making music in later years.

We feature twenty new album releases, many names you know already, who have given us excellent sounds throughout their musical careers.

Representing their debut on Sequences are Nox, dark ambient edged with industrial and horror recordings. Hailing from India, Sacred Seeds with strong emotive textures combined with melodic patterns. French composer Gpano, his music in the genre “ambient and ‘Berlin School. A new solo project by Nimrod Scott crafting ambient space music soundscapes. Collection of rare recordings of the St. Petersburg project Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, its author Evgeniy Savenko creating multi-layered visions of dreams from parallel worlds. Carsten Schnell, inspired by the music of Kraftwerk & Jean Michel Jarre, rounding up with Estonian Robot Koch’s remix of an album originally recorded in 2019, with a Nordic pulse ensemble but treated to a minimal approach more micro than macro.

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