Sequentia Legenda – Blue Dream

Blue Dream is an album by Sequentia Legenda (Laurent Schieber) that already was released in 2015. But now it is available on bandcamp too.

Sylvain Lupari wrote this review of the album: “Three monuments of EM with variations on the same theme, Blue Dream is to the 2010’s what Mirage was in the 80’s. If several people are going to talk about plagiarism, me I see an audacious extension of the work from Schulze here, in the same way that RedshiftNodeArc and so many other artists have doing it for the music of Tangerine Dream. It’s obvious that these crystal-clear sequences which sparkle, skip and crisscross in order to unwind an ambitious minimalist pattern is an object of passion for all those who worship this musical genre. But beyond this similarity with the work of Klaus Schulze, Sequentia Legenda raises himself as in a very good architect of his structures by decorating them with thousand subtleties which invade ears with a merciless taste to start again after each listening. It’s intrusive and subjugating. And, there is no harm done to indulge ourselves. So have fun, because this BLUE DREAM will obsess you relentlessly. This is more than good. And I’m pretty sure that it will be on the top of my list of the best albums of 2015. Sylvain Lupari (March 27th, 2015)

This is the youtube video featuring the the full album (15 minutes).