Sequentia Legenda – Resonance

Schieber Laurent, aka Sequentia Legenda just issued his new album ‘Resonance’.

He writes: “And now, my “baby” is no longer in my hands, since RESONANCES is in production for the printing of the Digipack and the CD pressing. It is still a very special moment for me. A mixture of excitement and nostalgia. And sometimes, during the final checks, changes can occur. This is precisely the case for the name of the first title which will finally be: ENTER INTO RESONANCE (originally ENTER IN RESONANCE). I am pleased to share with you an extract from ENTER INTO RESONANCE which is the opening track of my next album RESONANCES, to be released on May 2nd 2022. I invite you to enter into resonance, to let go, to vibrate, to put yourself in tune, in phase, in harmony with your inner symphony, the time of a musical and introspective journey.

More info on Sequentia Legenda’s website.