Skoulaman aka Hans van Kroonenburg is a Dutch synthesizer musician. Mostly his style is with a lot of space ambience and simple sequence patterns done by an arpeggiator ore a 8-16 step sequencer.

Mundus in Motu is his recent album, released on Dutch Electronic Music Masters as per 23 April 2022. Hans writes: “This album was created during the two pandemic years without life performances. The title refers to our changing world, where it seems to be out of control. People are moving around the world to find a save place due to the climate change and wars. this album is dedicated to all that people who lost their homes. Families and friends. Some of the tracks on this album are darker than I usually tend to do. I also use a modular synthesizer which I bought second hand and I was very surprised with the possibilities of this system.”

More info at or skoulaman.