Sound on Sound – August 2022 out now

Again, a magazine full of equipment reviews and technical tips, is available. With a review of the Korg Minikorg 600FS, Wavefonix modular synthesizer, Viscount Legend ’70s compace keyboard, the AJH Synth multi burst envelopes eurorack module and a lot more.

Also included: a feature on American synthesist Josh Mason’s. His latest release, Utility Music, is a rather stunning demonstration of the Doepfer A‑100 system. The fruit of a year‑long project beginning on January 1st and ending on December 31st 2019, Mason assembled a fresh patch from scratch every week: Mondays to Fridays were allocated to construction, Saturdays were set aside for ‘freezing’ the patch and exploring performances with it, and Sundays were allocated to recording and deconstruction. It’s a beautifully patient and meditative exploration of modular synthesis, not least due to its inclusion of a gorgeous 72‑page book with point‑to‑point patch notes and insights into Mason’s process.

List of contents

Reviews: Audient EVO 16 audio interface [front cover] • Rode RodeCaster Pro II podcast workstation • Hammond SKX Pro keyboard • Audix A231 mic • Avid Pro Tools Artist • Korg miniKORG 700FS synth • Viscount Legend ’70s Compact stage piano • Neumann NDH 30 headphones • Genelec Aural ID binaural monitoring • Wavefonix W314 & W614 modular synths • Benchmark HPA4 headphone amp • DS Audio Tantra 2 multi-effects plug-in • Golden Age Premier GA-47XT M7 mic • Heritage Audio Motorcity EQualizer • Positive Grid Spark Mini modelling amp • sE Electronics Neom USB microphone • Lake People G103 MkII & G105 MkII headphone amps • Zoom B6 bass processor • Boss Space Echo RE-202 & RE-2 pedals • Latest sample libraries — and lots more!

Techniques + People: Mixing DI Bass Guitar • Dave Porter: Scoring Breaking Bad & Better Caul Saul • Classic Tracks: Freeez ‘IOU’ • Inside Track: Cat Burns ‘Go’ • Drum Compression techniques • How I Got That Sound: Matt Squire • The Sustainable Studio: Vicoustic • Modular Profile: Josh Mason • Talkback: Randall Dunn • DAW workshops: Cubase, Digital Performer, Live, Logic Pro, Studio One — and plenty more!