Sound on Sound February 2022

The Sound on Sound magazine issue February 2022 is available as of today January 15.

Reviews: Apple Logic Pro 10.7 • 2022 SOS Awards results • Steinberg WaveLab Pro 11 editor • Eventide SplitEQ • API Select T25 comp-lim • Roland SP-404 MkII sampler • Earthworks ETHOS mic • Korg Collection 3 soft synths • JZ Microphones Vintage 12 • Expressive E Imagine modelling instrument • PreSonus R80 V2 nearfields • Boss Eurus GS-1 guitar with SY synth • KEF KM1 main monitors • Qu-Bit Cascade Eurorack module • Sennheiser HD 400 Pro headphones • Royer Labs dBooster2 preamp • IK Multimedia AmpliTube X-Space reverb pedal • Milab VIP-60 mic • Sonnect Audio Sound Bullet portable test device • ZPlane Tonic plug-in • Sound Particles Space Controller • Toontrack Upright EBX • Zaor studio furniture — and plenty more!

Korg collection

Techniques + People:  EQ: What Do All Those Knobs Do? [front cover] • Idles: Recording Crawler • Vocal Mix Preparation • Inside Track: TWICE ‘Scientist’ • Hinako Omori producer/artist • DAW workshops: Digital Performer, Pro Tools keyboard shortcuts, Cubase’s Input Transformer, Ableton Live sound customisation and Studio One audio I/O routing

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