Stefan Erbe – Sound of Sky Live

Stefan Erbe’s Sound of Sky – Presents: The History of Electronic Music. Saturday September 3rd, Planetarium Bochum (D).

The albums and tracks of the electronic pioneers like Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk or Vangelis are not only contemporary music history, but rather the origin and the artistic basis for the current generation of music makers. Their synthetic sound created something, especially in the 70s and 80s, without which today’s music would not exist. Whether it’s a cinematic blockbuster, advertising, media and TV production or a SciFi topic, the sound of electronically generated art surrounds us in all areas.

However, there was an element of the past that can hardly be transported into the present time. The zeitgeist of the compositions at that time was unique and many of the productions would certainly no longer be imaginable 40 years later.
Stefan Erbe, host of the Sound of Sky series, will present some of the special tracks from this time of origin in the evening. His playlist does not only consist of the original pieces by the pioneers, but as always he combines them live with his own ideas, compositional bridges and tonal phrases that make the evening a special event. A musical tribute to the greatest pioneers of electronic music, combined with the spectacular projection of the planetarium. As always only once and only this evening.

More info on Stefan Erbe’s website or the Bochum Planetarium.