Steve Joliffe demonstrates the new Robkoo R1

In the following video Steve Joliffe demonstrates the new Robkoo R1 Wind Synthesizer.

The Robkoo R1 is a wind synth & controller with responsive RGB lighs. It features on-board tones samples from top performers. You can use motion control to spice up the performance, the built in gyroscope gives pitch bend, vibrato and sound shapes changing. It can be played vertically and horizontally. It offers an OLED screen that is useful for performances in the dark. When R1 is awake and nearby, it will be detected by JamKoo (the collaborating app) automatically. Connect wirelessly and you have access to all settings of R1 on a much
larger screen, on top of a delicate dummy-proof course. Wirelessly or cabled, while connected to an applicable device, R1 is a qualified MIDI controller that sends more than notes, but also breath control,
portamento, program change, and so on. MIDI IN is supported as well

Robkoo is a Chinese manufacturer with the R1 elected as “Audience Favourite Instrument” on music China Online Event 2022. (music China is the biggest instrument expo in China). More info on their website.