Steve Roach just informed us: “A Kairos moment, please read on… Just a week ago today, I was on the other side of a pinnacle life moment with my concert in Los Angeles on June 3. Endless gratitude to Linda Kohanov, Nathan Youngblood, Frank Beissel and Serena Gabriel for bringing the highest level Arizona soul tribe vibe to the Los Angeles sonic atmosphere within this Cathedral concert that continues to resonate. I’m back home now and getting back to life. I was feeling my release, Kairos – The Meeting of Time and Destiny, would be a symbolic release to share with you. It’s on sale and name your price for a limited time at Bandcamp

Karios is the complete soundtrack to the KAIROS DVD – a dynamic flow of visual wonder worlds created by five master light, film, and digital artists in collaboration with Steve. Drawing from a spectrum of visual techniques — luminous organic analog light forms, dramatic Earth cinematography, cell-like computer animation — micro and macro worlds join in a mind-expanding symbiotic flow between sound and visuals. Creation of the visuals evolved alongside the music over several years. The DVD and CD in a beautiful DVD long box Digipack.

The soundtrack, shaped to the images, was created in the studio with the dynamic understanding that comes from taking it “out there” on the edge in the live setting. This live interaction with the visuals in many live concerts helped to evolve the music and visual blend even further as it was being produced.
The soundtrack is a blend of elements drawn from Steve’s recorded and pieces created for this soundtrack.