Steve Roach writes: “I am thrilled to announce that after nearly a year in the making and immense teamwork, the new website is now officially launched! Please visit and explore. For the launch special Any order includes you choice of a free CD ( from a list of 4. The elegant design flow, state of the art store, evolving galleries and much more is now here for you to explore. We are adding archived material, photos, reviews, etc on an ongoing basis. The site now ties directly in with Bandcamp and the store will be featuring special sales and free CD options with orders at various times. Currently, in celebration of the new site, orders will be able to select a gift CD from a list of 4 options. The original site was created in the mid 90’s by James Banas, a fan who worked at Sandia Labs in New Mexico. Cliff Tuel quickly took over and developed and maintained the site until recently. My gratitude towards Cliff cannot be measured as this site was pivotal in the liberation from the traditional stronghold of the record labels of the past. In the 1990’s we were at the dawning of the internet’s empowerment of artists to develop a direct connection to listeners worldwide. The rest as they say is history. As the original site was showing clear signs of its age, the blessings continued at just the right time with the brilliant web design team of close friend Eric Freeman (Immersion Stations) and his colleague, Danny Mavromatis. The generous support of Austin based Nelda Studios and The Buckman Foundation made this 2022 reimagined site possible. Thank you deeply for your ongoing support and appreciation of the music over the years!” …. (thanks Cees Wolvers for this tip!)

Find Steve’s website here.