Storage Wars – Theremin find

Recently I was watching some old episodes of Storage Wars and in Season 9 there is an interesting “find”. Mary Padian buys a locker and finds a strange apparatus…which I immediately recognised as a theremin (or theremin-like instrument). It turned out to be a Moog etherwave and gets valued at $300. I tried to record this scene partly with my phone and I will upload this video soon, but first I wanted to find out if this scene has ever been discussed before on the internet. Here is what I found from a guy calling himself “Theremin137”:

“‘I’ll be on an episode of “Storage Wars” Tuesday, November 17th. The show will air on A&E — West Coast at 6:30 p.m. and East Coast at 9:30 p.m.  For those who have never seen the show, each week a group of people gather at a storage facility to bid on abandoned storage lockers. In the show I’ll be on (entitled “There’s No Business Like Snow Business”), one of the regular bidders, Mary Padian, finds a strange device in one of the storage lockers she won. The show’s producers looked for an “expert” (that would be me hahaha!) to identify and appraise the device. Yes, you guessed it — the “strange device” is a theremin. The segment was shot in a renovated, historic warehouse space just east of downtown Los Angeles, called Loft Ensemble.  Air dates have been juggled around a few times but I got a call from one of the producers confirming that it will be airing tomorrow night. (Note: This was shot back in May before I “cleaned up my act,” when I still had my goatee and hoop earring…!) Here’s a link to a quick preview“.

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