(Updated) Superbooth ’23

Update May 3, 2023: Superbooth wrote…

Only one more week and SUPERBOOTH will be happening again! Exhibitors will ready their booths, stages will be constructed, and equipment will be wired and connected, until it is time for SUPERBOOTH23 at FEZ-Berlin, from the 11th to the 13th of May 2023. Three days of bliss for anyone interested in synthesizers and electronic music production.

After multiple years of pandemic-related restrictions, SB23 will be happening in full scale without any restrictions! With exhibitors from over thirty countries, a manifold of performances and workshops, and visitors from all over the world, SB23 will be a singular event in the world of electronic music.

Our list of exhibitors is still growing continuously. At SB23, over 250 exhibitors from all over the world will be presenting their newest products. You can find the full list of exhibitors on our website Superbooth.comunder the header „MESSE & EXHIBITORS“. There, you can also find more information about each exhibitor. An overview of the entire fairground, including the exact location of every booth, can be found under „FLOORPLAN“.

Present once again at SB23 will be global classics such as Korg, Elektron, Yamaha, Teenage Engineering, Oberheim, Arturia, Erica Synths, Waldorf, Soma, Nonlinear Labs, Polyend, Buchla and others.

In terms of Eurorack, as usual we have popular brands such as Doepfer, Bastl, DinSync, 1010music, Dreadbox, Endorphin.es, 4ms, Joranalogue, TipTop Audio, AJH Synth, Vermona, Verbos Electronics, Schlappi Engineering and many more exhibiting.

For SB23, we are especially happy to welcome back various brands that hail from faraway places and weren’t able to make it to Berlin in the last couple of years: Make Noise, Noise Engineering, Animal Factory Amps, Expert Sleepers, Industrial Music, Five12, Frap Tools, Knas Ekdahl (!), Melbourne Instruments, Mystic Circuits, Sleepy Circuits and Zlob Modular.

Of course, this year we also have many new brands and manufacturers that will be presenting their ideas and developments in Berlin for the first time. Examples are Beepboop Electronics, Crosspatch, Floatingpoint Instruments, Majella Instruments, Morphor, Olivella Modular (from Argentina), ThingStone, Valco FX … and that list could go on for a couple more lines!

Another SB23 premiere will be our two brand new special areas. The first is our Pro Audio (K1) areawith pro audio and studio brands such as SSL, Rodec, SPL, Zähl, Tegeler Audio, Cranborne Audio, Bricasti, Rupert Neve Designs and Lindell Audio.

The second special area (area H) puts its focus on Software, DAWs and Plugins. Here we have popular developers such as Zynaptiq, FL Studio, Infinite Devices, Node Audio, Magix, and (elsewhere) Kilohearts and our Berliner friends from u-he and Bitwig Studio. Present for the first time in their own tent (outside area Z) will be the Swedes from Reason Studios.

Also, the popular Platform ModularGrid from Berlin – a crucial tool for many in their journey into Eurorack – will be celebrating their 10thanniversary at SB23, in tent Z245!

We will spare you further listings at this point – it’s probably best if you take your own look at our website and plan your personal tour through SB23! Because where else does one have the opportunity to get to talk to figures such as Tony Rolando, Dieter Doepfer, Kris Kaiser or Mark Verbos in one time and place?

The sheer density and variety of exhibitors and manufacturers at SB23 is unique worldwide. Now you only need to get your tickets! You can purchase digital pre-sale tickets over at our website under the header “TICKETS. There will also be a box office selling tickets at the event, however there might be waiting times. We do recommend buying digital pre-sale tickets, as they also make logistics and planning easier for us.

So don’t miss Superbooth23 – take vacation days, quit, cancel all your other plans and be there, live! We’ll see each other next week, from Thursday 10am to Saturday 10pm at FEZ-Berlin. We are looking forward to your visit!

Addendum: “Minibooth” event for kids and adolescents

In addition to the regular Superbooth, there will be a “Minibooth” for children and adolescents from age five to fifteen (accompanied by their parents) this year. It is happening on the 6th and 7th of May, from noon to 6pm. There, the kids will be able to participate in various activities and playfully get to know the world of (electronic) music making. Minibooth is happening in cooperation with the FEZ-Berlin, visit their website for more information.

For more daily updates, you can also follow us on Instagram (@superbooth_berlin) and Twitter (@superbooth_bln).

There will be another newsletter with more information about our concerts and workshops in a couple of days. Until then, you can also find the relevant information on our website under the header “EVENTS”.

See you next week! Your Superbooth team

Update March 8, 2023: Superbooth ’23 just sent us this update:

Disclaimer from Synthforbreakfast.nl: we are not involved in SB’er nor do we have any commercial interest. We just share this info for the love of electronic music and electronic equipment.

Only less than ten weeks away from SUPERBOOTH23 and would like to remind you that the ticket pre-sale for SUPERBOOTH23 (11th to 13th of May) has started. One-day tickets (39.00€ , reduced 29.00€ ) and three-day tickets (98.00 €, reduced 79.00 €) are available here.

The organisation is working hard at putting together the program for SB23. We already have confirmed over 160 exhibitioners, with new additions arriving almost every day, and are expecting well over 200 brands and manufacturers from all over the world.

We added the list of exhibitors (as of March 8, 2023) below (ed):

As usual, SB23 will feature a mix of trusted companions, returning friends and exciting newcomers. Present as usual will be our “resident” brands such as Doepfer, Erica Synths, Soma, Vermona and Verbos Electronics. Making a much-deserved return this year are – among others – Zlob Modular, Animal Factory Amps, Elektrofon, Acid Rain, Make Noise, Noise Engineering and Superlativ with their long-awaited SB-1. In terms of newcomers, Weston Precision Audio, Morphor, Olivella Modular, VK2.Berlin, 1V-Oct, Kaona, Entropy & Sons, Oxi Instruments and more will be making their first Superbooth appearance. We would also like to point to our pro audio area, which will be in hall K1 inside the main building. There you will find popular pro audio manufacturers such as Roger Schult, Zähl, SPL, Tegeler Audio Manufaktor and more. As usual, SB23 will be happening inside and outside of the FEZ-Berlin, with plenty of space for all sorts of discoveries, activities and exchange between various makers and users of electronic music instruments. We are currently still workshopping the programming and lineups for our workshops and concerts. We will be bringing you more information in our next newsletter.

Click on the image below for details of the Superbooth ’23 floorplan:

Superbooth ’23 is coming. Read this announcement from the organisers…

It’s coming again quickly, where the preparations for Superbooth23 are running. Once again in the FEZ-Berlin, from Thursday May 11th, 2023 at 10am, through Saturday the 13th, late night, we will be presenting you our special program of instrument presentations, discussions, concerts, live radio and creative performances along with our friendly assortment of good food and drinks. More than 75 brands have already confirmed their participation. Our long time guests Erica Synths, Soma, Tegeler Audio, Yamaha, Tip-Top and Doepfer are confirmed along with many more of our historical musical family members. Finally, it’s easier to travel again, which is allowing makers like Make Noise, Mystic Circuits and Noise Engineering to take the overseas trip which has not happened since 2019. With our newsletters, website and instagram we try to keep you up to date on all our relevant exhibitor and program news.

For today, with the momentum in swing, in an “end-of-the-year” mood, we are happy to present you a little Christmas special for visitors and friends. A present to give yourself, friends, (enemies) or families as a gift. We have prepared for you a limited edition of hardcover SB23 tickets in combination with one (or even more) merch item of your choice. These are currently not available in our shop but only available via email. The options and order process are shown in the attachment. All who missed one of the items from our first merch series can find something here. Feel free to switch, combine or ask. Additionally, you can support us with a little donation while increasing the payment with a certain amount.

In regard to this Herr Schneider formulated it precisely: “SuperBooth2022 proved that our idea of a trade fair concept emerged and strengthened through the crisis. However, the complete cancellation in 2020 along with the cost-intensive re-orientation and outdoor expansion in 2021, went way over budget. So far, the refinancing has still not reached us. Some exhibitors gave us donations to assist. However, the positive feedback in our development and creativity also gives us the energy, to seek and prepare for an innovative growth in the mixture of exhibitors and program, attracting more visitors and with different backgrounds and interests.”

Make sure to keep an eye on the Superbooth website!