Suzanne Ciani with Metropole orchestra – 19 Oct’ 22

From October 19 through to 23, the ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) will feature Suzanne Ciani together with the Metropole Orchestra

Metropole Orkest returns to Melkweg for the official opening concert of ADE2022. This year’s collaborator is electronic music pioneer and ‘Diva of the Diode’ Suzanne Ciani. The one-off performance will be conducted by Simon Dobson and feature Ciani controlling the spatial movement of the sound in a quadraphonic speaker set up. Four equally powered speakers in opposite corners will create a hypnotic surround sound experience where electronic and acoustic instruments are intertwined.

Suzanne Ciani, trained as a classical composer, became a pioneer of electronic modular performance in the late 1960s, performing live concerts on the analog modular Buchla synthesizer. She also carved out a spot for herself as an acclaimed sound designer for films, games, and advertising. Having released over twenty solo albums, the 2018 album “LIVE Quadraphonic” led her back into performing live all around the world on the Buchla 200e. The instrument is the modern version of the analog modular synthesizer that Suzanne played throughout the 1970s, designed by visionary Don Buchla.

More info and tickets here.