The German-language SynMag synthesizer magazine operates under the motto People Machines Music. It was founded in 2006 by Andreas Michel and Moogulator in Solingen and Rellingen near Hamburg. It is dedicated to everything that the name promises. The work is generally networked and decentralized, there are no editorial meetings, everything works virtually and is added as a printed work with complex and detailed content as a supplement to the medium of the Internet – what is missing on the Internet should go here, what is on the Internet does not necessarily have to be in the booklet stand. The motto was shortened to “SynMag – The Synthesizer Magazine” – because – that looks better! Moogulator has previously done editorial work for other magazines (Keys, Beat and the music magazines Gothic Press and Electronic Disease) and others) and also founded magazines, all of which were or are in the music field. Our basis on the net is of course and the forum – and then the guy also takes part in videocasts from time to time (Musotalk) and so on. That’s why we as a magazine do relatively little “news” on the main site, which our colleagues and the forum and can do faster than paper. We’re a small team and we’re potentially looking forward to any input in ALL areas of music that’s electronic in any way. Here are the results so far. Short Form: SynMag. The German-language synthesizer magazine (print, web primarily contains the most necessary information about the issues: – News and Co here on Shortened form: SynMag – pronounced Sün-Mack – not Mäg, because it’s also a magazine and not a Määgäsin like in Kraftwerk’s “Model” – but we like Brits!


SynMag 90 (January 2022) contents:

  • Arturia Microfreak 4.0 – Digitalsynthesizer

Die Denkweise und Tiefenverbesserungen eines Freaks

  • Sequential Take 5 – Analogsynthesizer

Der Jedermensch-Prophet 5?

  • Joranalogue – Module

Drei Module unter der Lupe Generate 3, Filter 8, Morph 4

  • WMD Kraken – Module

Spezielles, authentisches aber auch untypisches Snare-Drum Modul

  • Doepfer A126-2 Modul

Harald Bode auf den Fersen – Frequenz-Shifter!

  • Sequentix Cirklon – Sequencer (Hardware)

Sehr praktische Reise auf und mit dem Hardware-Sequencer

  • Sugar Bytes Nest – Sequencer (Software)
  • ASM Hydrasynth Explorer – Digitalsynthesizer

Der Microkorg Formfaktor und Polytouch Tastatur

  • Electro – Ausstellung

Von Kraftwerk bis Techno in Düsseldorf

  • 3D-Audio Serie – Report/Interview

Fritz Hilpert (Kraftwerk) über 3D-Sound

  • Pat Pattison – Interview

Forschung & Analyse von Songtexten

  • Retrokits – Portrait

Über einfache aber interessante Tools und deren Entwickler

  • CYRK – Interview / Studioblick

Futuristisch – Vielseitig vs. Spezialisten

  • Depatched Mode – Ein Patch zum Schluss

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