Synth Jack – aka Sacramento Synthesizers

Sometimes we find a posting from someone’s studio and when we think this guy could do with one or two synths less we try to get more info about the person(s) behind this studio. We found out that Synth jack aka Sacramento Synthesizers not only has a (huge) studio, but they do repair and service vintage synths, and have there shop at In addition to this Sacramento synths offers video’s and manuals for servicing synths yourself. See the list down below.

Visit Synth Jack’s facebook page here or the website Sacramento Synthesizers here.

Synth Jack writes : “These are pictures from The Synth Cave & Maintenance Facility. This is my studio build… nearly completed, but never finished. It is all hooked up (audio + midi) except for the wall directly behind the main console. Everything is maintained by me; on-site. These machines, their sound, & their history are my passion. Don’t worry! Even my buddy who is 6′ 6″ can sit cross legged and play the synths on the lowest tier, plus any synth can be relocated to the sweet spot for deep dives & accurate stereo imaging. Cheap couch, powerful synthesizers. Enjoy!”

Last thing we are going to find out is who is behind Synth Jack and Sacramento synths. We’ll come back to that later – hopefully.

Service Experience

We do not service any gear made after the year 2000. Please contact us regarding availability prior to requesting any service or repair work. Thank you!

  • AKAI AX & VX & S Series
  • Alesis Andromeda A6, QuadraSynth (QS). Quadraverb Series, MMT-8 Sequencer, & HR-16 Drum Machine
  • Casio CZ & FZ Series 
  • Crumar Bit Series, Perfourmer, DS Series etc. 
  • E-Mu Systems Emulator, EMAX I & II, Drumulator, SP-1200 Samplers/Drum Machines
  • ELKA EK & EM Series
  • Ensoniq ASR, TS, MR, EPS, ESQ/SQ, VFX, SD, Fizmo, & Mirage Series 
  • Kawai/Teisco K, SX, S, F Series
  • Korg Trident, Mono/Poly, PolySix, Poly61, Poly800, 700, PE, DS, DSS, EX, M, Wavestation Series
  • Kurzweil K Series
  • Novation Nova/Supernova Series
  • Oberheim Matrix Series + Xpander, OB Series, SEM + 2/4/8 Voice Systems + DX/DMX/TOM Drum Machines
  • Roland JP, JU, SH, JX, JD, JV, XV, VP, D, MKS, RS, MC, PG, etc. series
  • Sequential Circuits Prophet & Pro, Multi Trak, Split Eight, Six Trak, Max Series + Drumtraks & TOM Drum Machines
  • Siel: Opera 6, DK600/700, DK70/80, Orchestra, Cruise, Mono, etc.
  • Waldorf Microwave, Q & Pulse Series
  • Yamaha DX, TX, SY, CS, CP, TG, A, V, MX Series
  • 4/8 Cassette & 1/4″ Multi Track Recorders: Tascam Porta One & Two, 414, 424, 464, 488, 644, 688, 388, etc. 
  • Rack Mount Multi-Effects Units (Eventide, Lexicon, Ensoniq, Yamaha, Roland, KORG, Alesis, etc.)

*This is not a comprehensive list. Please contact us to inquire about your specific service & repair needs.