Synthesizer exhibition at Calgary NMC

The Calgary National Music Centre has a permanent exhibition featuring (electronic) instruments, located in Studio Bell.

The exhibition is presented as the visit to a music festival: the thrill of discovering new artists, hearing new sounds, and celebrating with friends. As you explore Studio Bell, your curiosity will be piqued by the sounds, sights, and interactive activities pouring out of the 22 exhibition spaces located across five levels. Each space (or “stage” as we like to call them) offers an opportunity to experience music and Canadian music history—from the Kimball Theatre Organ on the Sound Affects stage to the Canadian Music Halls of Fame located on Level 5.

The collection is impressive: famous systems such as T.O.N.T.O and the ARP 2500 from ‘Close encounters of the 3rd kind’ are included in the ‘Living collection’ of NMC. Here is a list of instruments currently in Live Rooms A and B:

Go and have a look at the NMC’s website, or even better: visit the museum : National Music Centre | Studio Bell
300-851 4 Street SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1P2

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