• Author: Matthias Becker
  • Language: German
  • Published: 1990, Musik Media Verlag
  • ISBN: 3927954012

Beautifully-produced second volume of Matthias Becker’s authoritative ‘Synthesizers of the Past’ book – in German, but with so many superb illustrations that it’s hardly necessary to read the text.

There is a volume 2 of this book, which we will feature soorn.

Too many highlights to mention all, but the book covers such absolute classic synths as the Trautonium, ARP 2500, EMS Synthi 100, E-mu Modular, Steiner-Parker Synthacon, RMI Harmonic Synthesizer, Birotron, PPG 1002, Moog Taurus and Liberation, Roland System 700, Synlab Modular, Roland SH-7, Crumar DS-2, Korg Sigma, ARP Quadra, Roland RS-505 and VP-330, Fairlight CMI, Realton Variophon, Oberhaim OB-Xa, Xpander and OB-SX, Gleeman Pentaphonic, RSF Kobol, Emulator 1, Synergy, Roland SH-101, TB-303, TR-606, MC-202, Jupiter 6, Syntec Banana, SCI Prophet T8, OSCar……… an incredible roster which would (in the beautiful condition they are in the photos) probably now be worth over half a million US dollars.

All with superb photos by Dieter Stork. Hardback, beautifully printed on very high quality paper, bound to the highest standards. A coffee-table book which is also a superb source of information. The Rolls-Royce (OK, Mercedes) of synth literature. (I should know – I produced the Ford Fiestas of the genre.)

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