for sale …, the Synthesizer company specializing in Moog 5U clone/replicas and new 5U module developments is for sale

The last two years have hit the music world hard. Musicians couldn’t tour for two years, we sat at home, many developments stood still, staff were laid off… In addition, there is a chip crisis which has also heavily shaken the music tech sector.

Delayed deliveries, production stops… mainly because specific chips or other components are missing. The result is clear: no income, no financial resource for new developments, etc. Plus there is also a hefty inflation, which makes everything more expensive, including music gear. Now the situation has hit a well-known boutique company.

In a new Facebook post, the American modular synthesizer company has announced that it is in financial difficulties. As reminder: is an US-based company in Tyler (Texas), founded by engineer Roger Arrick in 1996, which manfactures analog modular synthesizers.

More precisely, they are specialized in cloning/replicating Moog Modular systems and modules but also in the development of new 5U modules. In the post they say: