(Updated) Synthesizers in popmusic – Bart’s studio.

Update: Bart uploaded two more episodes: #9 and #10

Dutch radio-host (NPO 2) Bart Arens is creating a serie of video’s covering how synths and drumcomputers are used in popmusic. OK – that subject has been covered “a lot” but it is nice to see a Dutchman (with quite an audience) is presenting this subject to a larger audience. Each video is 4-5 minutes and is in Dutch (but English translation can be done automatic). Have a look!

Currently there are 8 video’s:

  • #1 The 90’s house drumcomputer
  • #2 Auto-tune
  • #3 The mid 80’s synthesizers
  • #4 The fat 80’s drum sound
  • #5 The 90’s synthesizers
  • #6 The 80’s drumcomputer
  • #7 Late 80’s synthesizers
  • #8 Iconic 70’s synthesizer
  • #9 Sampling music
  • #10 The legendary 808