Milestone – free Michael Garrison tribute album!

Win a free Michael Garrison album by solving a simple quest

The website exists for about 8 months now and the collaborating Facebook group just reached over 600 subscribers. This is a great milestone which we would like to celebrate with a raffle.

We will give away 5 free (download links to) the album To the sky and beyond the stars – a Tribute to Michael Garrison. This album has been released in 2004 in memory of Michael Garrison. After the runout of the first pressing it has never again been available. You now have the chance to obtain a copy of this special 2CD album.

How does it work?

We will make available 5 copies to subscribers of our Facebook Group after August 28th. This is what you have to do:

  • Be registered as a subscriber to our FB group
  • Answer the question to our riddle Calculate the number
  • Reply within the FB group with your answer to this riddle before August 28th

After August 28 we will raffle 5 copies among the FB group subscribers that answered the riddle correctly.

But …. what is the Riddle?

Find the answers on the next questions:

  1. The year of the Alfa Centauri jubillee concert with Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana
  2. The issue number of the current edition of the German SynMag (Synthesizer Magazine)
  3. The daynumber (i.e. a number between 1 and 31) the memoirs of Trevor Horn will be released
  4. The year that Joop Stokkermans released his album Magic of the Arp synthesizer
  5. The number of steps that the ETI Sequencer could memorize and reproduce
  6. The DiN issue number of the forthcoming album Erik Wollo and Ian Boddy
  7. The year that Synergy (finally) performed at the Alfa Centauri festival

And then:

  • Just write down the numbers and calculate the total.
  • Note that all information can be found in the posts on our website

To the sky and beyond the stars

Soon we will uploade a feature on this album and maybe include some reviews and tell you how, where and when the album will be available.

  • A tribute to Michael Garrison.
  • Compiled By, Producer – Eric Snelders
  • Photography [Cover] – Christopher Cameron
  • Photography [Inside Pictures] – Ross Chandler