We’re live, what’s next?

We want to share a huge collection of magazines, books, scans, articles, experiences, thoughts, recordings, samples & snippets on everything about synthesizers. And, of course, we are looking for new materials: so you are welcome to contribute.

So what will the content look like?


Images of synths, their designers and users. Discussions and reviews, thoughts and quirks.


A list of (existing and non-existing) manufacturers of synths & peripherals. Reviews, rumours and much more


Documentation, articles, tips & tricks on building your own synthesizer. Examples of (more or less) succesfull DIY projects. Sound samples and video clips, schematics, components, and more


Synthesizer books, magazines and everything else that a synthesizer enthousiast is likely to collect and read.

Artists & music

A collection of synth users (artists, groups), brands, models, recordings, performances.


A list of organisations covering electronic music & synths.

And much more.

Picture used for this post: Hans Zimmer’s studio, (c) Peter Grandl for Amazona.de

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