needs some help …

The website and the supporting Facebook group is now almost a year in operation and it is, well, quite a success. The facebook group now has 1500 subscribers and is still growing quickly and the website has over 3000 visitors per month (sometimes peaking to 5000). Obviously serves a purpose 🙂

There are many ideas about extending the collection, such as publishing interviews with artists, reviews of new (and old) music, and finding interesting little news items that serve the nostalgic memories of our readers.

I am doing my best, but it now turns out that a backlog is building up. There are some artists that are willing to cooperate in an interview or interesting stories, there is much music to review and …. well I think I need some help. And at this time I can be more concrete about what type help I need.

Are you interested in:

  • Doing an interview with an artist, or electronic music pioneer, or every other person that has a story that needs to be shared?
  • Assembling posts/articles on several focussed subjects, such as a DIY project, or about a group, artist, vintage instruments, electronic music genres .… etc?
  • Reviewing new and old electronic music, magazine(s), books?
  • Writing a report of an event or concert you visited?
  • Chasing (old and new) news: interesting facts, video’s, text, etc. that could be of interest for our readers?
  • Or any other task that would fit your competence?

I kindly invite you to contact me via our Facebook group or the generic info at address of this website.

Please note:

  • Being able to write/communicate in English is a prerequisite
  • This work is all voluntarily, we are working independently and are not involved in commercial parties or activities – there is no money involved
    • ….except the money I invest in keeping this website up and running.
  • Of course you get the credits for your work and you may call yourself a Star ‘Synth for breakfast eater‘.
  • This is all because of the shared love for elecronic music & synths. So your support and work will definitely help keeping this all alive!