(Updated) Systers in Synths – Medusa

Updated April 16, 2023: We added the video of the conversation between Dina Pearlman and Lisa Bella Donna, celebrating the release of their ‘Medusa’ collaboration album.

Join us for a YouTube watch party to celebrate the new release Systers of Synth / Medusa from Lisa Bella Donna with Dina Pearlman-Ifil. Recorded in the summer of 2022, in Lisa’s remote Appalichian studio, this full-length album showcases Lisa’s talents using multiple ARP synthesizers and featuring d’ARP on two pieces. This interview discusses all aspects of synthesis, pairing ARPs with Moogs, the influence of these instruments on modern music, celebrates the process and joy of collaboration, influences of our elders and how these instruments are as vital today as the day they were first made! For those attending the watch party on Tuesday, if you make a donation during the Pemiere, your name will be put into a drawing. Two prizes will be given, a CD download and a poster, printed on fine art paper using the Giclee method. Stick around after the show for a chance to ask Lisa and Dina questions.

Dina Pearlman, daughter of Alan (ARP) Pearman informed us about the following: “Lisa Bella Donna and Dina Pearlman-Ifil announce album release systers in synths / medusa to benefit the Alan R. Pearlman foundation.”

The album features all-new works by Lisa Bella Donna (multi-instrumentalist and Sorceress of Synthesis) with Alan’s daughter Dina Pearlman-Ifil (keyboardist and bassist.) All proceeds to benefit the Alan R Pearlman Foundation

Systers in Synths / Medusa was recorded in Lisa’s Appalachian Mountain studio over the weekend of July 29-30th, 2022. This full-length album features one composition by Lisa Bella Donna, and two collaborations between Lisa and Dina. The instruments used in recording and production are almost entirely ARP vintage or ARP inspired instruments and reissues including the ARP 2600 (original and Korg), ARP String Ensemble, ARP Odyssey, Antonus Step Brother, Moog Sequencers, ARP Omni, and a Multimode filter by Lower West Side Studio. 

Listen and/or purchase the album here.