The Beatles are about to start their very last live concert. They can’t hear themselves sing over the deafening screams of the frenzied crowd. After 1400 shows they decide enough is enough.

From that moment on The Beatles are a pure studio band. Abbey Road Studio 2 will subsequently see an explosion of creativity and innovation in song writing and recording technique the likes of which has never been seen. It will herald one of the most productive periods ever in the history of pop music.

Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magical Mystery Tour, The White Album, Let it Be and Abbey Road; these six iconic albums were recorded in the short space of five memorable years. But… they were never performed live.

The mellotron

Until 2015, when The Analogues decided to start a mission to perform all six of these albums in their entirety. Did the world need another tribute band? Probably not. But The Analogues are anything but a typical tribute band. Their mission: to play those iconic, never-performed Beatles albums live – after all. Integral, one by one. No wigs, no costumes, but an obsessive attention to authentic musical details, using the same vintage instruments, amplifiers, sounds, live strings and horns.

‘Just the music’ as recorded by The Beatles in the Sixties. Only live.

Modular Moog

The Beatles, when recording Abbey Road, were among the first to use the infamous Moog. To keep things simple we carry around not one, but two different versions for our live rendition of Abbey Road. One to listen to and one to look at. Bart explains.

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