The Centre – semi modular synth by 1V/Oct

The Centre hosts a software environment that’s running a polyphonic wavetable synthesizer. That synth can then be controlled via the front panel knobs and accessed via the CV inputs.

The Centre sports four lots of 1V/Oct inputs, so it’s somewhere along the lines of being 4-part multi-timbral and/or 4-voice polyphonic. It has unison modes, detuning and plenty of internal modulations with LFOs and envelopes. There are all sorts of filters, VCAs, Ring Modulation, Wave folding, all available via internal patching. It also has Drum Racks with sampled kits, Euclidean rhythm generation and some physical modelling. There are also some effects in there somewhere.

The 8 knobs and 8 CV inputs with attenuators can all be patched to whatever you like. It’s all patched together via the little colourful screen.


What makes this version a semi-modular synth is the inclusion of the TAMAR MIDI-to-CV interface on the left and the stereo output module on the right, all presented in a nice wooden case. Otherwise, these are individual modules.

The Centre which is the heart of the system just got a V2.0 firmware update which, apparently makes the whole thing much better.

They keep talking about how easy and simple it is, “ideal for beginners” and so on but honestly, there’s nothing I’ve seen or heard in any of the videos that would support that idea. It looks terribly complicated and while I’ve no doubt it can make some fabulous sounds this is not the sort of interface that thrills me.

More info here.