Update 22nd of June 2022:

Robert Pot writes “Amazing… the power of internet!. The presale of the re-issue of both FWO albums is going very well. The promo campaign for all Dutch record stores will start this week. I am very curious how they will react. All very exciting.”

Robert Pot (one of the two former members of Future World Orchestra) launched this breaking news. The original two albums Mission Completed and Turning Point will be re-released on vinyl (other media not known yet). It turns out also that it is the 40th anniversary of Future World Orchestra.

Visit FWO’s website now for a special pre-order price (it will go up after Sunday june 26th). Also you’ll find free tracks, background info and the History of FWO, about Robert Pot (what’s he doing these days?)

If you are not familiar with FWO’s music, have a go at the next video, or listen to clips on the FWO website.

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