To the sky and beyond the stars – Michael Garrison tribute

Thanks to Uwe Saße (of Sequenzerwelten) for this review of the tribute CD ‘To the sky and beyond the stars – a tribute to Michael Garrison’. This CD has been released in 2005 but was out of print quickly. So Uwe offered to give it a review and we are now considering re-issueing the album.

It has been many years since Michael Garrison changed his Cosmic Address and it may have been a similar amount of time since I last heard his music. By a nice coincidence I came across the "Tribute Album", which was released in 2005 on the Dutch label "Quantum Records". On this album, many numerous and equally well-known musicians have dedicated themselves to the unmistakable musical style of Michael Garrison.
The result is a very varied double album, which should not only please Michael's fans. The idea for this album came from none other than Craig Padilla when the entire studio equipment was to be sold after Michael's death in 2004. Thus, the own interpretations of the different musicians come quite close to the original, but without copying the actual style.

And when I hear this very recommendable album, quite melancholic thoughts come up. These are memories of when the -Regions Of Sunreturn And Beyond- fascinated me in the early 80s.....

So, and now I come to the nice coincidence that I mentioned at the beginning. This is the start of my collaboration with Eric Snelders, who is in charge of the international program of in English. How's that going? Let yourself be surprised :-)