Two Steps from Hell tour 22 – Finally

Two Steps from Hell (Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen) will start their tour through Europe as of June 13.

They will perform with orchestra and choir in Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Prague, Vienna and Krakow, tickets that were sold for 2021 are still valid. Have a look at the website or look in our event-calendar for dates.

Worlds #1 epic music producer

If you like Epic Music and are not familiar with the music of Two Steps from Hell you should definitely listen.

Whenever huge emotions, tense anticipation and breath-taking intensity are in the air, the sound of Two Steps From Hell is never far away. The world’s number one epic music producers and composers, namely Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix, are breaking every streaming and follower record with their California-based production company Two Steps From Hell. With over four billion views on YouTube, one billion plays on other streaming platforms and four platinum albums, Two Steps From Hell are already one of the most successful music entities ever. With their bombastic sound characterised by ancient chants, titles such as “Protectors of the Earth,” “Heart of Courage,” “Victory” and “Archangel” set the heartbeats of millions of fans racing and perfectly complement the (film) images they accompany. Movie trailers for blockbusters such as “Avengers: Endgame,” “Aquaman” or “Jurassic World,” the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games and advertisements for many large companies all rely on Two Steps From Hell to guarantee their success.