(Updated) Tangerine Dream – EU dates added

Update March 19, 2023: More dates have been announced by the TDI management:

  • April 26 – Porto (PT), Casa da Música
  • May 17 – Tilburg (NL), Poppodium 013
  • May 18 – Maastricht (NL), Muziekgieterij
  • May 19 – Leuven (BE), Het Depot
  • May 20 – Paris (FR,) La Gaité Lyrique
  • May 31 – Den Haag (NL), Paard,

Tangerine Dream is also preparing for a USA/Canada tour, which will probably take place in autumn 2023. More details coming soon. The following concert is confirmed so far:

  • October 01 – Montreal (CA), L’Olympia

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Tangerine Dream will perform live in 013 in Tilburg (NL) on May 17th. For more than 50 years, TD has continued to push boundaries with a mix of electronic and classical music, including countless genres such as ambient, prog rock, Krautrock. Immerse yourself in the dreamy atmosphere and audio landscapes of Tangerine Dream. Tickets are available here.