Vangelis & Neuronium – what about the pictures.

The riddle solved and …. a new release of In London !

In our recent post about Vangelis & Neuronium we asked about the story behind the difference in pictures of the London sessions. In these pictures Carlos Guirao appeared to be playing along with Michel Huygen and Vangelis. But Carlos was ‘wiped off’ a later version of the picture. After investigating for explanations of this strange difference, we have asked Michel Huygen himself what happened. The following explanation and images are from Michel Huygen personally and he has autorised us to use the materials to ‘clear up’ the puzzle.

Michel Huygen explains.

“Carlos and me were recording the jam with Vangelis, on the new Japanese release and for worldwide future releases, Carlos is fully present, and I add to this message, the designs made for Japan’ forthcoming release in August.” (see images below)

The above images will be used for the new CD release. As you can see both Michel Huygen and Carlos Guirao happily team up with Vangelis. Bottom left: Vangelis calling to make a reservation in a restaurant

Michel continues: “Carlos was taken out from the picture by the record company which definitely released the “whole album”, not only a single a some previously did, because when they did it so, Carlos had left Neuronium and then they were afraid to get troubles from him publishing the full photo. In these times, the management of Vangelis (not and never Vangelis himself) tried to get a huge amount for the rights from the record label or from us, but the photo was taken with my camera, so no way for them. And all the story stopped but the bad reputation “fell” on me, including from his wife, not from Carlos himself. He was a really good man and when he left Neuronium I was feeling really sad, very sad. And then I was the awful, the bad guy. But gossips are always interesting to many people who have a boring life as you certainly know, and then pure inventions appear here and there…. Finally the truth sees the light.”

And what about the new release?

“The release of the new master version will be done only in Japan on August 24th 2022 and it will get a ull long remix of In London (The “After hours” version) for the first time, that is to say 18 minutes of musique planante with this special remix done for the Neuronium 45th anniversary. It will be the best ever productions since it will be done on SHMCD, the top japanese quality in compact-disc manufacturing.

Below you will find some of the ‘gossips’. Please note: we do not take responsability for the opinions below, our aim is to get rid of these gossips and help looking forward to the next releases by Neuronium.

Gossip 1

“A hot topic about Carlos Guirao and Vangelis is the fact that he was removed from the photo for the edition of the CD “in london”. Theoretically Carlos Guirao was removed (“photoshoped”) from the photograph because he couldn’t pay a fee to Vangelis. Nevertheless, the photo was already published in the past in the original format, as you can check below. Last but not least, Vangelis has never confirmed this byzarre history.”

Gossip 2

“Problems between Michael Huygen and Carlos Guirao that made the last one was erased from the Musical Express 1981 photo sessions for the In London Neuronium edition. Neither were mention to him on the disc credits.”

About Carlos Guirao

Carlos Guirao Felices was a musician and composer born in Barcelona 23 February 1954. He died in Barcelona 17 January 2012. Carlos Guirao was member of several groups being the most well-known Neuronium, and .In 1981 he performed for the Spanish Television program “Musical Express”. This program consisted of interviews and performances.This program included a performance of Carlos and jointly with Vangelis at the Nemo Studio in London. Videos of this performance exist.In this period he was also in touch with Klaus Schulze, who initially had to prepare the mixing of his third LP Digital dream.They also played a jam session with and Ash Ra Tempel for “Musical express”.