Various Artists – Requiem for Klaus Schulze

Aural Films, an online record label (netlabel) that releases soundtrack albums for movies that do not exist, just announced a special Tribute Album for Klaus Schulze

Klaus sometimes said “At some point I’m sure I will retire – maybe in 2250? At which point, they will have to carry me out of this studio in a box!“ …

We all know this quote from Klaus from 2004, it was in every booklet of the re-releases of his back catalog. And each of us probably smiled and thought that it was rather unlikely that Klaus would live to be 303 years old – unfortunately. Now it’s 2022, and the box that comes out of the studio in the Lüneburg Heath is called DEUS ARRAKIS – no one would have guessed that it could actually contain Klaus Schulze’s requiem. And when you realize that the last piece on Klaus’ last album is called “Der Hauch des Lebens” (The Breath of Life) and fades away into silence at the end, not only spiritual people think of a kind of self- prophecy. DEUS ARRAKIS is a great, a worthy last album by Klaus – spherical, rhythmic, emotionally moving and full of depth and harmony. Klaus would say it is “floating”. Many great musicians and artists have passed away recently, and more of our heroes will inevitably follow – that’s life. It only strikes us more because we ourselves have grown older, and the artists of our youth are one by one approaching their twilight years. Klaus lived to be 74 – not enough for this incredibly great, creative and lovable person… but enough to become immortal through his wonderful music. There is music that touches, that fascinates and uplifts you. Sometimes only for a summer, sometimes a little longer. And there is music that lasts. Forever? Well, definitely for 303 years. And I’m pretty sure, long after that…

Released August 4, 2022

UKRAINE RELIEF BENEFIT – This music helps people. All proceeds from this project will be donated to the UN Refugee Agency, who is working to support the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine that has displaced millions of people. Please lend a hand by purchasing this album to help others and get over 11 hours of great space music for your support.

More info about this album can be found here.


A Multitude of One – A Semblance of Schulze 13:10
Adeptus Mechanicus – Parallel 12:47
Alberto Picciau – Afelio II 03:32
Anantakara – Last Departure 06:04
ANTIKLIMAX – Island #6 06:15
Ben I Sabbah – Götterdämmerung 02:41
BySenses – When they are united 12:09
C.S. DiCicco – KS Tribute Track WAV 7T27 08:18
Carbonates On Mars – Hereafter 11:14
Carlos Jennings – Valley Wind Advisory 05:49
CCJ – Graphite Part 1 12:00
Charles Rice Goff III – Infrastructure 10:12
Christian Fiesel – Fading Out Of Sight But Not Out Of Memory 14:32
Christopher Alvarado – Rhythmic Dust 06:36
computerchemist – moonfloating 18:59
Death Tape Super Bass – Time Whine 07:17
DJ_Iterate – Gravity And The Temporal Arc 03:00
DUNKELPOET – Santa_Klaus 13:16
EISENLAGER – Klaus 12:36
El Wud – Synaesthesia 06:39
Epoch Collapse – Nächtliche Cyborgs im Regen 21:09
Fabio Keiner – Irrlicht 10:36
Farmacia – Veo el sol (instrumental) 04:45
fluXus – IMKS 06:28
Hagen von Bergen – Fernando heard the drums 16:32
Hans Peter Lichtenberg – Winterimpressionen 13:05
Ian Boddy – Boddy Love 05:58
Imaginary Beings – King Watzmann 07:00
In Mobile – Ice Lake 24:00
Ivan Ivanhoerista – Astral Doppelganger 04:20
Jack Hertz – Stimmen Rhythmus 18:35
Jaime Munarriz – Kosmos Glider 05:11
Joerg Dankert – last moondawn 18:47
Jon Rudolph – Klouds 06:20
Kellerkind Berlin – First Step Without You 09:44
Klaus Schønning – Turbulence 04:04
Lezet – Night Lights 05:48
LR Friberg – The Northern Tides 04:03
m00m – Birth of a Galaxy 05:37
Matthias Lehmann – Höhenflug 19:34
Mean Flow – False Mirage 03:04
Men From T – Layer Of Fear 04:46
Michael Brückner – Berlin School Boy 25:51
Michael Meara – Velvet Syn – Part I & II 18:24
Michel des Airlines – Blackmoon Timewaves 03:51
Mike Hans STEFFL – Life is a Wave 08:18
Mindphaser – Neuro Phaser I 10:30
Niacinamide – A Flower of the Mountain 08:46
Nicholus Parrott – Kosmische Clutharachán “Kosmischer Händedruck” 04:47
Nordenrot – Charon (Fährfahrt) 03:22
Numina – A Halo on Io 09:34
Pendro – The Gold Nimbus 09:00
Ran Kirlian – Caladan 09:22
Ripples on Water – A debt of Gratitude 05:12
Robotic Conversations – Berlin Beats 05:37
Sacred Seeds – Solar Shine 06:04
Sadassa Silvia – Schulze Schule 11:37
Scott Lawlor – On the Value of Radio 32:00
Seva Randeep – Waldeinsamkeit (Für Klaus) 06:51
Synth Replicants – Beauty of the Orient 08:53
π Geigenschrey – πRAUMWANDLER – Hall Of NIGHTMARE (πribute to Klaus Schulze) 2008 15:20
Volker Lankow – Die Kunst der Erinnerung 14:58
Wilfried Hanrath – Sueño No. 3 for Klaus Schulze 18:55
XauriX XubatniX – Twilight on Arrakis 20:00
Zeituhr – Brain Defragmentation 10:49