Vintage FX is a magnum opus about vintage studio effects which is utterly addictive and superbly informative. The photos are great (we supplied a few from our archives).

Features the unsung behind the scenes studio heroes that helped shape some of the greatest recordings of all time. Like the Eventide H-910 that got Tony Visconti the gig producing Low for David Bowie with Brian Eno in Berlin (his legendary description – ‘it fucks with the fabric of time’ – sealed the deal). This book gives the reader a comprehensive overview of and a glimpse into the world of classic studio effects units – perfect for producers, musicians, gearheads…

Written in English, this high-quality coffee-table book contains shows the high quality attention to detail that we at Soundgas love (embossed hardcover sleeve, high-quality paper, large format of 11″ x 11″ / 28 x 28 cm).

• A selection of 68 studio effects devices from legendary manufacturers such as Eventide, Lexicon, Roland, AMS, EMT, Publison, Dynacord, AKG, MXR, Ursa Major and many more
• 296 full-colour pages, printed on high-quality paper
• More than 350 full-colour illustrations
• Format: 11“ x 11“ / 28 x 28 cm
• Embossed hardcover
• Plenty of statements from artists and manufacturers
• Foreword written by Eventide‘s President, Anthony Agnello
• Written and edited by Matthias Fuchs, specialised journalist and expert on vintage gear
• Translated into English by vintage gear enthusiast and musician, Stephen Parsick