In which we visit Willem Twee Studios, an amazing electronic music studio in the Netherlands that breathes the ideas and techniques of Schaeffer, Stockhausen, Xenakis and brings them alive for a new generations of musicians. Built from the collection of Hans Kulk, who has been working with early electronic music tools since 1983, the studio is integrated into Willem Twee, a concert venue in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Run lovingly by Rikkert Brok, Armeno Alberts and Hans, the two studios and the beautiful Tonzaal, built into a former Synagoge, breath history. You can find post-war communications technology next to early analog computers, classic Arp synthesizers and custom made tools, as well as a beautiful pipe organ and all you ever need to create tape collages. Everything is ready to be played and recorded, and kept in amazing shape.

About Willem Twee studios: Are you searching for that unique sound? Then the Willem Twee Studios, a workspace for electro-acoustic music, is certainly worth a visit. The Studios are open to composers, producers, musicians, music students and anyone interested. You can book the studios for one or multiple parts of the day and you are free to record your own sounds. More info at their website.