Voyetra retro software

Just a small nostalgic post, triggered by Marnix Praet, who shared a link with the development of the Cubase software (see another post)

In the past I used Voyetra software on PC. I found out that I still have the software and I share some pictures with you. The Sequencer was a 16 track midi recorder and it was not graphic at all …

Besides the Voyetra Sequencer plus midi track recorder, there were some editing software packages, such as the Sideman 81Z – TX81Z editor, which I used to create lots of versions of ‘Lately bass’.

Anyone used this software too? In the end I had the Voyetra Sequencer Plus Gold edition – if I remember well it has 64 tracks and a tempo track. I think I have sold it, or maybe lost it … Later I was using Cubase and when switching to mac it was Cubase, then Logic, and now back to Cubase.

If you have any retro stories or images, please don’t hesitate to share them with us.