Did you ever had hopes that Wolfgan Flür (Kraftwerk), Claudia Brücken (Propaganda) Midge Ure (Ultravox) and Peter Hook (New Order) would collaborate? We did – and our wishes are now granted. Cherrry Red Records have issued the album ‘Magazine 1 – a thrilling return to the Techno-Pop sound that he helped to define with electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk.

An exciting return to the Techno-Pop sound he helped define with electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk between 1974’s ‘Autobahn’ and 1986’s ‘Electric Café’. An all new electronic album, ‘Magazine 1’, which was created by Wolfgang Flür alongside some of the most famous names of synthpop and electronic dance, past and present. Featuring Midge Ure (Ultravox), Peter Hook (New Order) and Claudia Brücken (Propaganda), alongside legendary Techno DJs Juan Atkins and Carl Cox and Electro-Pop titans U96, plus performances by celebrated alternative electronic artists and composers Ramón Amezcua (AKA Bostich), MAPS and Anushka! Wolfgang Flür is the only remaining member of that classic Kraftwerk lineup currently creating and releasing new music! No one currently making techno-pop records has Wolfgang Flürs long career and respected status and perhaps no one has ever made electronic records with such a warm and radically lyrical humanism. Songs that draw musically from an easily recognizable retro-electronic sound, but which lyrically stand in our time, reflecting the challenges, disorientations and uncertainties of this unprecedented time of change.


  • 1. Wolfgang Flür – Magazine (Feat. Ramón Amezcua)
  • 2. Wolfgang Flür – Zukunftsmusik (Feat. U96)
  • 3. Wolfgang Flür – Best Buy (Feat. U96)
  • 4. Wolfgang Flür – Das Beat (Feat. Midge Ure)
  • 5. Wolfgang Flür – Birmingham (Feat. Claudia Brücken & Peter Hook)
  • 6. Wolfgang Flür – Night Drive (Feat. Anushka)
  • 7. Wolfgang Flür – Electric Sheep (Feat. Carl Cox & U96)
  • 8. Wolfgang Flür – Billionaire (Symphony of Might) [feat. Juan Atkins]
  • 9. Wolfgang Flür – Say No! (Feat. MAPS)

More info: Cherry Red Records.

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