Yello – Meier & Blank win Swiss Grand Prix

This news appeared on Monday June 27, 2022 on Dieter Meier and Boris Blank honored with the Grand Prix Music. Please note that this text is translated from (German) Swiss. The original article can be found here. All (c) are with Telebasel and its authore.

Dieter Meier and Boris Blank from Yello receive the Grand Prix Music 2022. The dated federal office for Kultur (BAK) award endowed with CHF 100,000. In addition, eleven Swiss music awards on separate music creators and music formations awarded, each endowed with 40,000 francs. The BAK explains that out in this Year first time three Special prices goes to institutions and Actors of the Swiss music scene; these are associated with 25,000 francs each. Dieter Meier and Boris Blank from Yello will be for their originality, their charisma and their significant influence to electronic music appreciated as stated in the release means. Originally Yello was formed as a trio in the late 1970s but changed into a duo. They have a total of 14 studio albums recorded : Point being the last one appeared in late August 2020.

Game With sounds and words

Our Music is not included Another ulterior motive intention in the furthest senses to Basically, said Blank in an interview with the news agency Keystone -SDA to Release of Point. Being a game With sounds and Words, that was the way it was in the 80s and has not changed to this day . I am often myself surprised what arised in the process.

In the collaboration of the duo Boris Blank takes care for everything about the music, while Dieter Meier contributes the lyrics, being the frontman the voice and the visual concepts. The basis of their songs is always a Noise : a tram, a twitter , a squeak or a  Noise – Blank’s archive includes Thousands of tones . this one basic sound then he edits it continue until he is satisfied with it.

Boris makes music like a painter paints pictures, said Dieter Meier. First he mixes the colors, then he begins to paint at the bottom left and thinks it will be a rose – and at the end a giraffe stands there. The only Yello concept be, no concept at all, said Blank and Meier unanimously. successes the two celebrated with singles like The Race or Oh Yeah.

Mission for Music in Switzerland

The special prices that the BAK in this Year first time forgives , go to the union to the Encourage the impromptu Musik AMR in Geneva , to the folk music collection Hanny Christen des Mülirad publishing house in Liestal and Altdorf such as to the concert venue operator and Festival organizer Daniel « Duex » Fontana im Freiburg Duedingen . With the new one Award should « also Personalities , Venues , Labels and mediation projects be awarded that yourself active for the position of music in our country, music creation and the cultural heritage use », writes the BAK.

The Swiss Music awards which have existed since 2014 , are scheduled to be presented on September 16th, 2022.